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Our story

From its modest beginnings in 1988, The Company Attec International bvba (Attachment Technology) was founded by José Verstraete and the brothers Marc and Luc Vangaever. It was the start of a structured, focused and dedicated business approach towards a fast growing market segment namely: Attachments for compact machinery.

Founders: Luc Vangaever, José Verstraete & Marc Vangaever

These visionary people quickly understood that there was a huge demand by all brands in the field for Compact attachments to fulfil job demands in construction, landscaping, agriculture, etc.... The Compact Equipment market was booming in Europe and specialized applications were growing. The "tool carrier" concept was born. Marc Vangaever took already the lead in the development of this business by inventing the world famous broom  bucket with collecting bucket in 1984. Years later, Vangaever sold his patents to Bobcat Company in the USA. This has resulted in making the sweeper the world most sold attachment ever.

A demo of our products at a fair in 1985

A demo of our products at a fair in 1985

A demo of our products at a fair in 1985

Today, Attec is proudly representing a range of over 100 Attachments serving all markets from our production site in Markegem, Belgium.But the story of Attec as an attachments manufacturer begins much earlier than 1988.

Our history - An ongoing success story !


Everything begins in 1967, when Marc Vangaever founded Vangaever N.V., a sole proprietorship for black smith and ironwork mainly for the agriculture market, located at his parents farm barn, still next to our production site in Markegem.

Our first workshop


In 1968 Marc starts diversifying his business and starts with feeding systems, and silos of the brand Chore-Time mainly used in the pig and poultry business.
His brother and the first employees also joined the company later that year.

Agricultural fair in 1969


It was during this Chore-Time period that Marc Vangaever and José Verstraete who was district manager for Chore-Time, became close friends. 
In that same year the current owner and CEO of Attec, Dries Vangaever was born.

Marc & Dries (2 years old) are testing a backhoe loader


When Jose joined Bobcat as District Sales manager of the skid steer loaders in Europe (back in the 70's a premature concept) he immediately discovered that Marc would be, potentially, an ideal dealer for the Flemish part of Belgium. This was later on proven by sales records and the numbers of awards granted.


Due to the fact that lead times from the US for Attachments took a long time, production of the first buckets and grapples started in the plant in Markegem. It was the start of a new episode, namely, producing Attachments for Compact Equipment.

First Buckets potatoes

First utility fork

Attachments for all brands


The development of the first feeding bucket for a skid steer loader, now still one of the most popular attachments in agriculture.

First feed bucket

Marc Vangaever testing

Feeding beet


Marc started to realise that attachments help sell the machine, the more jobs you can do with it, the more productivity and return you get from your machine.

The "tool carrier" concept was born !

Soon, the Markegem plant developed custom and special request attachments, such as the chicken catcher and multiple flowerpot holder.
These attachments proved to be an added value to the machine which resulted in more sales of Skid Steer Loaders in the Agricultural segment.

Chicken catcher

Auger with multiple drills

Utility forks


The first attachments for other brands were being built in the plant. The strength of building tailor made attachments in terms of dimensions and speed was much appreciated in the field. Whatever size needed, Vangaever was capable of delivering. Nowadays we have more than 2000 different quick change systems and quick couplers for machines of all brands, from old to new.


Testing of the first hydraulic breakers for skid steer loaders, back then we had to mount an external cooler on the hydraulic breaker because the machines didn't have enough cooling capacity. As a consequence, from that moment, many machinery manufacturers realized that they had to build machines with more hydraulic capacity and cooling to make them a true "tool carrier".

Testing the first hydraulic breakers

External oil cooler

Foto 9c


Marc had the bright idea to develop a broom bucket with collector bucket for a skid steer loader after seeing his wife cleaning up with a brush and dust bin. One week later the working prototype was being tested and soon the broom bucket became one of the most sold attachments worldwide.

Broombucket with side sweeper


Development of the first paving stone clamp, the patents of the nonetheless highly innovative brick clamp where sold to a company but the idea died quietly. In the late 90's, the concept was relaunched in Germany.

Brick clamp

Dries Vangaever is testing a hydraulic breaker


Dries Vangaever starts his first summer job in the attachment assembly line at age 14.


Claude Vandenberghe, a junior graduate, joined the team as designer and was later promoted to product manager and chief engineering.

Attec becomes the sole importer of Lowe Auger drives and trenchers for the eastern part of the world. Best quality made in the U.S.A. since 1971.

Marc tests a Lowe trencher

Marc Vangaever, Richard Lowe and José


Geert Van Lanckere joined Attec. At the beginning as financial and purchase manager, later he was promoted to sales manager.

The patents of the broom bucket were sold to Bobcat U.S.A.


Late 80's beginning 90's, the compact equipment market was booming and soon Attec sales was set for new records by expanding product offerings and establishing dealer activities across Europe. In that light, Attec Espana was founded together with Javier Corral in order to comply with the huge customer demand in the area for specialized attachments for Compact Equipment.

After finishing school, Dries Vangaever starts in the Service department of Bobcat at age 18.

Willy Schotte and Dries Vangaever


Development of the industrial sweeper especially focused on articulated loaders, telescopic handlers and forklift trucks.

Foto 14


In May 1998, due to the increased demand for Compact Equipment, the Vangaever brothers decided to put more efforts and focus to the Bobcat machines and attachments and let Attec fully concentrate on the attachments outside the Belgian territory. It was a logical step forward for both parties to let Attec develop the market with Vangaever construction as supplier, hence Jose Verstraete, acquired all shares of Attec.

Under the leadership of Jose, Attec became an important innovative player of Attachments in Europe. World famous brands are even today still loyal customers to the Attec brand. Whatever was required in Compact, Attec could deliver. From dedicated attachments such as cold planers, augers, breakers,...  to tailor made commodity attachments such as buckets, sweepers and grapples and that for all Skid steer, excavator, articulated loader and Telehandler brands.


Office space expansion of the Attec head offices in Dentergem, Belgium.


Unfortunately and way too early, in September 2002, Jose Verstraete passed away. The continuation of Attec was in the hands of his daughter Veerle.


In May 2007 Marc Vangaever had a terrible car accident and was forced to retire from his daily duties. In the following years, the family faced drastic reorganizations for all businesses.


Nancy Steelandt joins the Attec team as Administration and shipping manager.


In October Dries Vangaever acquires 100% of the Attec shares. Believing in the Attec brand name, staff and knowledge to further develop new markets.

Mei 2015

After a career of 22 years in the Bobcat Service department, Dries Vangaever sells his shares of the Bobcat dealership part of  Vangaever N.V. to his uncle and cousin.

In that same period Dries Vangaever acquires 100% of the Construction department of attachments of Vangaever N.V. this includes all assets from the plant located in Markegem, Belgium. As a result of the merger in between Attec and the construction department, Attec is now a manufacturer instead of a distributor.

Shortly after, Attec moved there head offices and warehouse, only 5km away, to the construction plant in Markegem.

Dries Vangaever Owner / CEO Attec International bvba

Foto 15 b

Foto 15c

 This strategic move, by the CEO - Dries Vangaever - was the start of a new episode for Attec to continue to serve customers around the globe with standard and tailor made attachments under the Attec brand. This change has resulted in an increased trust and opened a lot of new doors in the ATTEC brand by dealers, manufacturers and end users accross EMEA.


Today, Attec is proudly representing a range of over 100 Attachments serving all markets from Markegem in Belgium. We are ready for the next chapter in the successful history of Attec International and we will continue to serve our customers with state of the art quality Products and customer support.


Development of a new line of grapples and forks for less intensive use on smaller machines. This line of "standard" grapples and forks is an addition to our well known current models, which are now qualified as the "heavy duty" line. Therefore we serve both users, the less intensive and the hard demanding.


  • Development of stump grinders for loaders and excavators.
  • Development of the circular slasher for loaders.
  • Developing of the rototiller for loaders.
  • Development of the excavator trencher in cooperation with Lowe U.S.A.

ATTEC stands for offering solutions to customer needs. That is what we do since 1988 and that is what we will continue to do because of our long history and hands on experience, ensuring you that we will provide you the solution to your problem.

We look forward to the next 30 years !

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